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Automotive LED lights, halogen xenon headlights to be clear about the difference
2021-08-01 20:57:37
 As the eyes of the car, the safety of the rear lights of the car is self-evident, so the most important thing is the headlights of the car. Secondly, whether the car is beautiful or not, can suddenly attract people's eyes, and the headlights are closely related, it can be said that the weight of the headlights is at least 40%! So most people are very concerned about the choice and decoration of headlights! So, as commonly used car headlights, LED headlights, halogen headlights, xenon headlights, which is better? How to choose these three headlights? Today we're going to tell you the answer!
1. Halogen headlights
At present, we are most exposed to halogen headlamps! Its application can be said to be the most extensive and earliest! Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low market price, mature technology! The color is yellow, and it has strong penetration in extreme weather such as rain, snow and fog, so most fog lamps use halogen lamps. (The biggest advantage is strong penetration)
Disadvantages: limited irradiation distance, the use of heat in the process, often easy to plug overheating, low efficiency, power consumption! Halogen lamps emit light through tungsten filament, the filament is easy to sublimate and fall off, and the service life is short. Especially with others will shine, always feel their lights like fireflies!
Xenon headlights
I remember when I first came into contact with xenon headlights, I saw it from a better car. At that time, when I looked at the car from a distance, the lights were white and I knew it was expensive because it used xenon headlights!
The advantage: its light intensity is unmatched by halogen lamps, xenon lamps can achieve brightness of the same wattage halogen bulbs more than three times. In addition to its high luminous intensity, it also has a long service life!
A few years ago, there was a rush to modify xenon lamps! Of course, its disadvantages are also obvious: the biggest drawback is that in extreme weather such as rain, snow and fog penetration effect is average, in the eyes of others very bright, but in the driver's vision of the effect is average!
And xenon headlights just started the pressurization process, pressurization after the brightness is very low! Because xenon headlights need to be used with a lens, otherwise it is easy to make the light divergent, affecting driving safety, and the effect is general!
3, LED headlights
This is a technology that has emerged in recent years and is now widely used in new cars! It is similar to xenon headlights, the light is white, it has an advantage, is not the need to pressurize the process, the light moment is very bright!
Advantages: energy saving and environmental protection, low cost, long life, low power consumption, high brightness, low voltage, high safety. Led also has the characteristics of small luminous area and large luminous flux. Plugs are not easy to clean and heat. At the same time, the LED luminous module is smaller, leaving more design space for the left and right sides of the car.
Disadvantages: High cost, high heat dissipation requirements, difficult maintenance. Some will bring cooling fan, cooling is not good, it is easy to damage!
The performance of LED lamp is much better than the previous hernia lamp or halogen lamp in all aspects, therefore, THE application of LED lamp in the market is more and more widely, and more and more popular! Well, that's all for today. Thank you for your support and attention!