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With the development of society, the demand of the automobile industry is increasing, many car friends are modified into a variety of cool style, how to modify the lamp is the best?
2021-09-20 19:03:24

 Headlight modification is to improve the safety and comfort of driving, and relieve the tension and fatigue of people driving at night. Today let's take a look at how to modify the car lights is the best!

With the light conversion LED headlights and laser headlights becoming more and more popular, many car owners are struggling to modify the laser headlights, or modified LED headlights better? What distinction does laser headlight and LED rear light have?
In fact, LED backlights use leds to convert electricity directly into light, while laser headlights use laser diodes to convert electricity into lasers. In terms of complexity, laser technology is more demanding, which leads to laser prices higher than LED.
LED headlights are not as mysterious as you might think. The light source is a kind of light-emitting diode (LED) familiar to scientists, and the light-emitting material is a solid-state semiconductor chip. To put it bluntly, the LED headlights actually convert electrical energy directly into light energy, and the laser needs to be refracting through a yellow phosphorus lens to avoid the harm caused by direct laser exposure.
Whether it is laser or LED, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious. First of all, there's no denying that they last a long time, basically 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than traditional light sources. After refitted laser lamp, cargo LED lamp does not need to be replaced. Also, they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, radiation-free and have fast response times. In addition, due to its small size, it has a high plasticity.
As a lighting factory, Audi often uses leds to create various personalized shapes on top of its headlights, from late LED daytime running lights, to full LED headlights, to matrix LED headlights, and now laser headlights. Due to the high cost of lamps, high-end vehicles commonly use LED lights and laser headlights. In addition, long-term lighting needs to consider simple cooling design, and LED and laser cooling effect is not very good. If the heat treatment is not good, the light will fade easily. At present, there is no uniform standard within the industry.
The application of laser headlight should be regarded as entering a new era of automotive headlight. The first tier brands have basically adopted this technology, such as BMW 7 Series, BMW X7, OZI A8, Audi Q8, Wey VV6 and so on. The application of laser headlights has begun to take shape. Of course, there are also concerns about whether laser headlights are harmful to human health. In fact, the blue laser emitted by the laser diode is first refracted by the yellow phosphorus lens and then converted into a harmless yellow-white light for use in car lighting.
Laser headlights can illuminate any obstacle in front of you. Of course, the safety of driving at night can be greatly improved. And the direction of laser lamp is particularly good, not easy to astigmatism, so the irradiation distance is as long as 1000 meters, the distance is twice that of LED high beam lamp. However, these seemingly formidable advantages will inevitably lead to extremely high manufacturing costs. After all, only luxury flagship models are available now. For example, the price of a separate optional model will be tens of thousands of yuan.
Compared with the LED backlight, the advantages of laser headlight are more obvious. LED backlights emit 100 lumen-watts of light, while laser headlights emit 170 lumen-watts.
Laser headlight has most of the advantages of LED backlight, such as fast startup response, slow light attenuation, small size, low energy consumption, long life, etc. In addition, compared to LED backlights, the laser lamp is only 110 of the size of a traditional LED. This means that the size of the traditional rear headlights can be greatly reduced and can be made into any shape, if the car designer so desires. This could lead to a revolutionary change in the design proportions of various elements of the locomotive.
Auto lamp also compare various kinds of RIGS, price difference is bigger, if choose bad lights to be modified may directly affect our night driving safety, so in the case of choosing modified car headlights, in the face of so many kinds of situations, we need to polish my eyes, carefully choose cost-effective headlights.