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How to choose the right LED car light?
2021-04-26 08:51:02
With the improvement of people's living standards, the proportion of cars per capita in my country is also rising year by year. The public's requirements for cars are also getting higher and higher. With high-quality cars, the configuration of the car will naturally also be improved. Compared with the traditional halogen lamps and xenon lamps, LED car lights have gradually appeared in the public's field of vision, and are loved by their advantages.
1. Why choose LED lights?
To put it simply, LED car lights are brighter than halogen car lights, and more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long-lived than xenon car lights.
Although halogen car lights are cheap, their light output efficiency is low, the irradiation distance is short, and the lights are yellow. Although the light output rate of xenon cars is similar to that of LEDs, it takes a few seconds to wait for the full light output when starting xenon lamps, and the service life of xenon lamps is shorter than that of LED car lights.
At present, the technology of LED lights is mature, and there are already LED replacement lights on the market specifically for entry-level car owners, which are almost the same size and usage as halogen lights, and can be installed without damage.
2. How to choose LED lights?
The three parameters of LED are mainly brightness (lumens), color temperature and light type.
1. About lumens
Lumen value is closely related to brightness. Generally, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the car lights. Many unscrupulous businesses will preach that the high lumen value has proved that the product is very bright, but in fact they did not use the correct method to test and calculate the lumen value. Generally, large manufacturers will use an integrating sphere to comprehensively calculate the lumen value. Integrating sphere is a cavity sphere coated with white diffuse reflection material on the inner wall, also known as luminosity sphere, luminous sphere, etc., used to scatter light from the sample inside the sphere or outside the sphere and close to a certain window. Or launch a professional efficiency device for collection.
2. About color temperature
The color temperature is not the larger the value, the better. Color temperature is a unit of measurement that expresses the color components contained in light. The color temperature of 3500K halogen headlights is low and the light is yellowish. For night driving, not only the lighting brightness is not enough, but also the fatigue of the driver is increased, which is not conducive to night driving. The LED headlights are white light, which can reach the illumination range of night driving, and the human eye looks more comfortable. 7000K xenon headlights, the bright white light is obviously with blue light, the illumination range has been improved, but the penetration is very poor.
3. About the light type
The car headlight type refers to the angle and shape of the car headlight. A good light pattern has two important positive effects on car lights:
Clear light-type cut-off line, which is necessary to ensure driving, not a high-beam dog. If there is no clear cut-off line of light and dark, the light pattern will not only be scattered and not condensed, but more seriously, it will make the driver of the oncoming car feel dazzling and dazzle the eyes, which will affect the driving.
A good light pattern is more beneficial to the distance of the pavement, can illuminate a wider road in front of the car, the driver will have a wider left and right vision, and can promptly detect people or animals that suddenly appear from both sides of the vehicle at night. On the basis of meeting the clear cut-off line, make the distance from 50 meters to 75 meters in front of the car as bright and clear as possible, which can help the driver find obstacles earlier. The closer the beam is to the front of the car, the longer and wider the beam will be. The wider the better.