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Small knowledge of commonly used terms in LED car lights
2021-04-26 08:53:24
Some sales departments are often asked by customers about some product knowledge, but because they are not familiar with the terminology of LED lights, it often takes a long time to explain to customers before they can understand. In response to this phenomenon, the following 6 terms commonly used in LED lights will be explained and shared, and also for reference by purchasing friends.
1. Luminous flux
The total amount of light emitted by the light source per unit time is called the luminous flux of the light source.
Test tool: integrating sphere
Unit: Lumen, usually expressed by LM
2. Illumination
The degree to which an object is illuminated is called illuminance, which is measured by the luminous flux obtained per unit area.
Measuring tool: illuminance meter
Unit: Lux/Lux
3. Color temperature
Refers to heating a standard black body. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the color starts to change from dark red-light red-orange-white-blue, and gradually changes. When a certain light source is the same color as the black body, we call the temperature of the black body at that time. The color temperature of the light source.
The color temperature is below 3300K, and the light color is reddish to give a warm feeling; it has a stable atmosphere and a warm feeling. It is commonly known as warm color temperature.
The color temperature is in the middle of 3000-6000K, and people have no particularly obvious visual psychological effects under this hue, and there is a refreshing feeling; therefore, it is called "neutral" color temperature.
The color temperature exceeds 6000K, and the light color is bluish, giving people a cool feeling, commonly known as cool color temperature.
The halogen lamp is 3800K, the student eye protection lamp is 5800K, the traffic rules are not higher than 6500K, and there are obvious cutting lines for far and near lights.
4. CRI
Refers to the color rendering index. We call the degree of the light source's true color rendering of the object the color rendering of the light source. In order to quantitatively evaluate the color rendering of the light source, the concept of color rendering index is introduced. It is equivalent to the pixels of a camera. The higher the display index, the higher the degree of restoration of the illuminated object.
5. Wavelength
Different LED wavelengths are used in different fields.
6light decay
Refers to luminosity attenuation. It is related to the brand chip and the ambient temperature of use. The higher the ambient temperature of the same chip, the faster the light decay.